Centreli allows various options to expire unused time at a certain date or year end during policy setup. 

This article applies if you have setup an expiration option for a policy and you see a remaining balance carryover after the expiration date. When the expiration date is reached Centreli will only expire unused time which are positive balances at that time. So for example if an employee has unused time of 10 hours at the expiration date Centreli will automatically expire that unused time of 10 hours and start the period with a balance of zero hours. However, if an employee has used more time than what was available and has a negative balance at the end of an expiration period, Centreli will NOT automatically expire and reset the balance to zero at the expiration period. The reason for this is that some employees may decide not to "forgive" the additional time and require that the additional amount of hours be offset by time earned in the following period.

In order to forgive a negative balance at the expiration period please follow the following steps.

  1. From the Home page, Manager Apps section, click the Record Time Off app.
  2. Select the employee and the Paid time off type to forgive the negative balance.
  3. Enter the date of the expiration period.
  4. Enter the amount of hours to forgive.
  5. Select the option to add hours.
  6. Enter a comment to identify why the entry is being made. (such as Forgive negative balance)
  7. Click the Record Time button.