Note: You must be an administrator to manage holidays.

With Centreli you can configure holidays based on locations. This is especially helpful when you have offices in different parts of the world which observe different holidays.

Before configuring holidays in a new location you must configure the new locations. (See Creating Multiple Locations to Manage Employees and Holidays). Once you've setup the desired locations follow these steps:

  1. From the Home page click the Holidays app
  2. You will see a list of all locations and their holidays. If no holidays are configured for a specific location you have the option of manually creating days or using one of our templates. We offer templates for different regions around the world
  • To use a template select one from the drop down list. The location will populate with holidays. You can modify the dates and names of the holidays as well as continue to add additional holidays
  • To manually create days click the Create a New Holiday in X Location button. You can continue to add additional holidays
  • Click the Save Holidays button

  • If you don't see a template for your region please contact our support team so they can create one for you.