Centreli displays employee information related to an employees current paid time off balance in addition to the effect of future time off and requests pending review.

Below is an explanation for each balance Centreli displays:

Balance as of Today - This amount represents the employee's current balance which reflect all time off used and earned.

Approved Requests - This amount represents the total amount of time off that has been approved for an employee for time off to be taken in the future (after today's date).

Requests Pending Review - This amount represents the total amount of time off that is pending review (time not approved).

Net Balance - This is the employee's current balance less Approved Requests and Requests Pending Review. This displays the net amount of time available considering all time that will be taken in the future and all time pending approval.

Projected Balances

Centreli allows a manager to view an employees balance at a certain time in the future. This allows a manager to project what an employee would have earned as of a date in the future. This is useful for organizations that want to ensure that an employee would have earned enough time at that future date before time is approved. Projected balances are available at the time a manager is reviewing a request for time off and an option in the PTO balance report.