Requirements: You must be an administrator to correct or delete a manual time off entry.

It is important to consider if you want to maintain an audit trail when modifying a manual time off entry.

To maintain an audit trail:

If you want to maintain an audit trail of corrections to manually entered paid time off entries we recommend that you enter an offsetting entry for the entry you want to correct. Enter a new transaction for the same employee, time off type, amount, select if time should be deducted or added and save the new record. See: How To Manually Record Employee Time Off

To delete a manual entry without an audit trail:

    1. From the Home page, in the Reports & Views section click Time Off Balance Report.
    2. Run a report for the user with entries you would like to delete.
    3. On the row to delete, click the Delete link on the left.
    4. Confirm the delete.

Note: Deleting a manual entry is permanent. It cannot be undone.