Some company's paid time off policies provide additional time off benefits for employees based on their years of service. If you have such requirements, you can create multiple policies for the same employee and paid off type (ie., Vacation). Please note that you have the option to add these policies in the future when the employee reaches the years of service that awards additional hours. 

Follow the steps below in order to create multiple policies for an employee.

  1. Start by selection the Paid Time Off Policies tile from the home page.

  2. Click the Create policy button to create a new policy and complete the policy settings.

  3. After you complete your policy, click the Create new policy button to create another policy, enter the policy settings and enter the start date when the settings for this policy should take effect.

When you add a policy of the same type (i.e. Vacation) for an employee. The start date of the next policy will become the end date of the previous policy. This allows for you to create a policy that will be in effect for a certain time period (ie. 3 years), then after 3 years an increase of hours will be awarded based on the settings of the second policy.